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I always endeavour to find the most pleasing set of tools that are available to me at any particular time and it turns out that it is that time of year again…

So what’s changed, well first of all i have moved from a blogger based blog to my own webserver and domain name running a WordPress installation, this felt like the right time to make this move and coincides with my desire to start making some more things that i work on publically available.

Other changes have been quite noticeable…

Windows 7 –> Windows 8

Netbeans –> PhpStorm

SVN –> Git

PHP 4 –> PHP 5

And finally i have stopped programming in .net for the time being whilst i fully get up to speed with the new features of PHP 5 in fairness everything that i have seen and played with on PHP 5 is actaully closing the gap between .net and PHP which makes it an environment where i am quite happy to switch between c# and PHP.

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